”Dancing… to normal people, it’s Just a word, a hobby, an activity or it’s just intertainment. but for dancers, it’s freedom, it’s joy, it’s fun or it’s life. me as a dancer, dancing is my lifestyle and it’s a big part of my life. that moment when you hear the beat all you want to do is just dance. i believe that everyone can dance. everyone on planet earth Love music well music and dance are one. Lets go to the very basic of dancing, “dancing is movment”. When u hear the music you start moving your head to the beat. When you do that, then you already moving with the beat and thats called groove. I have been in many dance events, and that includes gothenburgs biggest dance event, I was in swedens biggest dance event but i really wanted to compete, soon… Hip hop is a culture and dance is an art. those 2 combined is lik one of the best things. when it comes to dancing, we don’t care where your from, or what ur religion is or what color you are. we all do and Love the same thing and it’s dance, I want to say more but thers too much to think of…Dance is Life! // Azi, inter crew”